Cool Breezes and Dramatic Skies

While we're looking forward to some of the newest work by our artists for the fall season, we're enjoying all of this lovely weather. The clouds add such a wonderful sense of drama to the skies!
Michael Swanson After The Storm Acrylic on Canvas 30x40"
Michael Swanson
After The Storm
Acrylic on Canvas

The Glowing Gardens of Emilija Pasagic

Flowers are blooming everywhere, including here at Crescent Hill Gallery! We have a fabulous new collection of paintings by Emilija Pasagic, inspired by the beautiful breezy blooms of summer.  Come by today to get away from the summer heat and have a refreshing look at our newest artwork!

Sunday Stroll

Today might be another hot and humid one, but if you have a chance to get close to the lake there's a nice breeze that definitely makes it much better!  This stunning piece by Bob Arrigo, titled "Lake of Bays, Ontario", should help you cool down and get into a summer holiday mood:


Summer Blooms, Fragrant Breezes

Today we have two stunning new paintings by Emilija Pasagic! Perfectly in tune with this sudden burst of warmth we're having today, and the lovely scents of late spring blooms carried on the wind.

Spring Sailing

With the warmer weather this week, it's very tempting to get out on the water! Whether you love to sail, canoe, kayak, or just enjoy the lake by the shore, this is a great week to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and refreshing weather!
Sailing Day by Christian Bergeron
Sailing Day by Christian Bergeron

Wild Wind

We have a wonderfully windy day here in Mississauga! The fall season has definitely settled in, and the time for curling up with a nice hot cup of cider and a good book has arrived.  While the sun is out, it's a great time to take a nice brisk walk and enjoy the fresh fall air!  This lovely painting by Tom Kerwin, titled "Windy Bay",  fits the day perfectly:


Sail Away

We have a few lovely new paintings by Maya Eventov for you today!  She has created some wonderful pieces from her Sailboat series that are perfect for summer!  Her paintings have such wonderful texture and colour - they come to life right on the wall!