Winter Wonderland

With our first real snowfall behind us, are you ready for the colder weather ahead?  You can always come by Crescent Hill to warm up with some of our wonderfully vibrant new artwork by our incredibly talented artists!  

Refreshing Rain

What a wonderfully refreshing morning we've had here in Mississauga! After all the sunshine, a little rain makes for a pleasant change and brings life back to all the parched plants. We have a lovely painting by Harold Braul that sums up the day nicely:
Harold Braul Mr. Oblivious Oil on Canvas 24x18"
Harold Braul
Mr. Oblivious
Oil on Canvas

A Rainy Day in Paris

If you're looking to add some stunning atmosphere to you room, we have an amazing new collection of works by Aleksandra!  With her warm, rich colors and wonderful scenes, her paintings will take you to fond memories of long walks home after the movies, or pleasant strolls in the spring rain.

Wild Wind

We have a wonderfully windy day here in Mississauga! The fall season has definitely settled in, and the time for curling up with a nice hot cup of cider and a good book has arrived.  While the sun is out, it's a great time to take a nice brisk walk and enjoy the fresh fall air!  This lovely painting by Tom Kerwin, titled "Windy Bay",  fits the day perfectly: