The Heat Goes On

If you're not working in a nice cool location today, we hope you're finding other ways to keep cool! There are lots of great outdoor pools in the city, and lots of amazing places to grab a cool treat so stay cool and hydrated while you beat the heat! Today we have a stunning painting by Miguel Freitas - what a lovely place to be in the summer!


Summertime Adventures

Whatever your plans may be for the summer, we hope you have some great adventures! This stunning new painting by Miguel Freitas looks like an amazing place to visit - are you planning to do some travelling in the next few months?


A New Perspective

We have a lovely new painting by Miguel Freitas in the gallery today! His vibrant and bold style makes for an inspiring addition to any room.  With a unique perspective and fabulous attention to detail, Freitas' paintings simply must be seen in person!


Winter Journeys

With the cold weather still here, we have some delightfully fitting winter scenes by Christian Bergeron.  His distinct style is easily recognizable and his depictions of rural Quebec or other parts of Canada have a wonderfully dream-like quality to them, bringing a sense of calm and beauty to his snow-covered landscapes.

Winter Colour

Reflecting the view out our windows today, we have a new collection of works by Christian Bergeron!  Depicting lovely mid-winter scenes of villages and small towns covered by a delicate blanket of fresh snow, his works are beautifully calming. Definitely a must-see in person!

Northern Escapes

Are you ready for the weekend? Do you have a cozy cottage to visit to stay warm and relax during this wet and chilly fall weather?  Whether you're staying home, or making a trip this weekend, we have two new paintings by our newest artist, Christian Bergeron, that would be stunning in any location.  His colourful, prismatic villas lend a relaxed atmosphere to any room, whether you're taking some time out from a busy week, or dreaming of plans for the weeks ahead.

Dreaming of Hawaii

Some of you may already be missing your cottage up north, or making plans for your next trip to a warmer climate once the winter weather settles in.  If that's the case, these lovely new paintings by Marie-Claude Boucher are just for you!

It’s a Freitas Friday!

Just in! A stunning new collection of paintings by Miguel Freitas!  His new 26x42" paintings sell very quickly, so be sure to come in and get yours while they're here! Miguel's unique technique and style has attracted much attention and created a following where his originals have become sought after by collectors throughout North America. When composing his art, he tries to express things as they appear to him and not always as reality. His style and execution bring to mind images of great frescoes on old crumbling walls. The unusual use of mixed media and subject matter, are a perfect marriage. Whimsical impressions, of places in his mind, call to you through the feelings they emote.