A Sunny Spring Day In Town

With the lovely sunshine and warmer weather here today, it's a perfect time to stroll around town and do some window shopping, or to spend time in the garden!  How do you enjoy spending lovely days like this? We have a vibrant new spring painting by Marie-Claude Boucher that suits the day perfectly!

Just Another Day by Marie-Claude Boucher

It’s Gonna Be a Bright, Sunshiny Day!

With colours as wonderfully vibrant as those found in Marie-Claude Boucher's paintings, you can't help but to be cheered up.  Her distinct style and rich colour palette brings a fantastic vibrancy to all of her work, making it the perfect touch to brighten any room. Come and see her newest works in person today!

Happy Friday! Celebrate with our new paintings by Marie-Claude Boucher!

Happy Friday everyone!  It's an amazing day today, so we hope you're enjoying the perfect weather!  If you're looking for some vibrant new artwork to add to your home, you're going to love these new pieces by Marie-Claude Boucher!