And Spring is Back!

It seems like spring is off to a bumpy start, with all of the alternating cold and warm weather, but it's looking like this week is going to warm up quite a bit! What a great opportunity to get those gardens started - there is nothing quite like fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden in the summer. Today we have a lovely piece by Terri Hallman, fittingly titled 'Day Keeper'. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Day Keeper  by Terri Hallman

The Many Faces of Terri Hallman

Today we have a great new collection of portraits by Terri Hallman! For Hallman, her art is in the process itself, which she regards as the essence of her work. On the surface, the work may appear simple, yet there is considerable emotional depth inherent in the artists multi-layered approach. It is layers, she says, that expose the passage of time. How some things are covered up and how others are revealed. Each completed work possesses a unique history, in which the layers represent the way things were and the finished piece defines the ways things are.

Nothing But Blue Skies

Days like this remind me of Bing Crosby singing Blue Skies: "Never saw the sun shining so bright Never saw things going so right Noticing the days hurrying by When you're in love, my, how they fly" Even though the new school season is nearly upon us, we're sure there will still be plenty of lovely sunny days coming our way for the next few months, so be sure to enjoy them while they last!  Today we have a lovely mixed media work by Terry Hallman, with a little bit of blue sky to suit the day.

Blue Skies


Friday Fun with the work of Terri Hallman

Happy Friday everyone!  Are you ready for the weekend?  Today we have a new piece of artwork in by Terri Hallman - with wonderful vibrant colours and style, it's the perfect painting to start the weekend. Hallman begins her works with stick figure drawings on paper. The loose and somewhat abstract forms act as a matrix for the composition. She then begins the process of rubbing dry pigment (by hand) into the paper. Between the layers she masks off sections with tape and scrapes away others. She describes the process of removing tape and unmasking areas as being similar to revealing and discovering the nature of the subject. The creative pace is intense; the result is super-saturated hues and curiously crude textures. Hallman employs symbolic elements in her works assigning meanings to simple objects. A pea depicts nothingness while a horse epitomizes freedom. One familiar element in her works is a bird, perched on a shoulder, representing the trusted companion.

Happy Friday with Terri Hallman

Crescent Hill Gallery in Lakeshore Living Magazine!

We were recently interviewed in Lakeshore Living magazine. If you would like a copy of this informative new issue, please pick one up at the gallery! Crescent Hill Gallery  featured in Lakeshore Living Magazine