Woodland Treasures

Today we have some new paintings by Mark Berens! With his stunning jewel-toned pallette, his paintings have a wonderfully earthy and rich feel to them. He creates luscious landscapes that just beg to be explored!  

Amber Glow

Today we have a beautiful new collection of paintings by Mark Berens that are sure to bring a warm glow to your day.  Berens' attention to detail gives his work life and such a wonderful sense of depth that makes it feel like you could walk right into one of his pieces!

Sunday with Bill Saunders

Those of you who came to our event on Friday have already gotten the first preview and seen Bill Saunders' newest works!  These pieces are stunning - with so much detail and attention to lighting and mood, you will be drawn right into these new scenes.  Come by the gallery today to warm with some amazing art and see these stunning new paintings in person!

The Birds and the Bees, and the Flowers and the Trees….

Today we have a stunning new collection of paintings by Maya Eventov! Let her rich colors and texture brighten your day and our nice and toasty gallery warm you up if you make your way through the snow to visit us here in the Mississauga Home and Design Centre.
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Northern Beauty

It might still be a little chilly for going camping up north, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the stunning beauty of the rocks, trees, and lakes in all our favourite hiking and camping places.  Mark Berens captures that majestic serenty with every painting he creates - bring some of it home to enjoy all year round!

A Beautiful Day for a Stroll

If you've been enjoying the sparkling frost on the ground in the morning lately, you'll love these new paintings by Mark Berens!  Bringing fantastic winter dreams to life, his paintings will add sparkle to your home.

Morning Glory

It's a beautiful Monday morning out there! Whether you're up at a cottage, or starting a day at work, we hope you have a fantastic day to start off your week.  Just to make your morning even better, here is an uplifting painting by Ken Kirsch to get you in a happy mood:

Morning Glory


A Day On The Lake

It's a perfect day to be out on the lake!  As a perfect fit to the weather, we have some lovely new paintings by Maya Eventov! Maya's works evoke feelings of happiness, well-being and joy of life. She wants to share with you the warmth of the afternoon sun and the heat of the sidewalk, the smell of exotic flowers and the taste of ripe fruit. She wants you to wander the roads of Tuscany with her or enjoy a quiet moment in an overstuffed armchair in a romantic setting somewhere in Spain.

Wednesday in the Woods

We've just received an amazing new collection of paintings by Mark Berens! These pieces are stunning and must be seen in person! It's a beautiful day here in Mississauga, so if you're in the area or passing through, be sure to stop by and take a look.

Mark Berens brings nature to life at Crescent Hill Gallery

We have some stunning new works in by Mark Berens! The surface quality of his landscapes is thick, creamy, and rich in the palette of nature’s liveliness. Berens is particularly noted for his ability to capture depth and light through textured dabs of a well-calculated colour palette. Upon viewing a Berens Oil, it is almost as if one could reach out and pick up one of his fallen leaves. Through closer inspection, the quality of the paint reveals itself in a somewhat abstract manner, creating a unique bilateral dynamic for viewing.