Winter Wonderland

With our first real snowfall behind us, are you ready for the colder weather ahead?  You can always come by Crescent Hill to warm up with some of our wonderfully vibrant new artwork by our incredibly talented artists!  

Afternoon Stroll

Bringing you some warm colors on a chilly winter afternoon, we have a lovely new painting by Aleksandra!  This stunning brings up memories of getting caught in the rain on a warm summer afternoon.  We hope adds a little warmth today as well.


Winter Blanket

Looks like we're in for a little more snow today!  If you're looking for some stunning artwork that fits the season and will bring a breath of fresh air to your home, we have an amazing collection of winter scenes by Maya Eventov - come and see them today!


Time for a Treat

To celebrate lazy afternoons in the cafe, enjoying fresh made espresso and a delightful treat, we have some fantastic new paintings by Michael Rozenvain!  Let the warm cobblestone streets and autumn hues bring you a little warmth to this overcast day.

Stroll Through the Streets

Today we have a beautiful new collection of work by Jacky MacDonald!  Featuring long strolls through the city, keeping warm and dry under an umbrella, these paintings are sure to make you appreciate the sunshine when it's out, and the beauty of a serene walk through town on a rainy evening in November.  

First Hints of Snow

While there have been snow sightings all over Southern Ontario in the last few days, we've had our first few flakes right here at Crescent Hill Gallery today! We hope you're keeping warm and getting ready for the colder months ahead.  Perhaps we'll be having a very white Christmas this year too!


The Streets of Paris

If you enjoy travelling, and have had a chance to visit Paris, then these new paintings by Michael Rozenvain are sure to bring back memories.  Depicting cobblestone streets lined with small cafes these lovely new pieces are the perfect memento of travels past, or inspiration for journeys yet to come.

Sunday Brunch

Everyone loves a good Sunday brunch! Today is a great day to follow it up with a stroll by the lake while enjoying the lovely early autumn weather on this last day of September.  We have a wonderful painting by Miguel Freitas, with that very idea in mind: