Amber Glow

Today we have a beautiful new collection of paintings by Mark Berens that are sure to bring a warm glow to your day.  Berens' attention to detail gives his work life and such a wonderful sense of depth that makes it feel like you could walk right into one of his pieces!

Happy Colours For An Overcast Day

Today we have some beautiful new paintings by Mark Berens! His rich earthy tones and warm glowing landscapes will bring a little light into this dark and cloudy day. Come to Crescent Hill to warm up and get happy!

Warm Sights on a Chilly Monday

Today we have new work by Mark Berens in the gallery! His stunning paintings show such wonderful warmth and detail  - we want to visit every location he paints!  Even his winter scenes have a warm light to them, making the ice and snow seem more inviting.

Summer Trails with Mark Berens

We have a few new paintings by Mark Berens in today! The surface quality of his landscapes is thick, creamy, and rich in the palette of nature’s liveliness. Berens is particularly noted for his ability to capture depth and light through textured dabs of a well-calculated colour palette. Upon viewing a Berens Oil, it is almost as if one could reach out and pick up one of his fallen leaves. Through closer inspection, the quality of the paint reveals itself in a somewhat abstract manner, creating a unique bilateral dynamic for viewing.