Winter Wonderland

With our first real snowfall behind us, are you ready for the colder weather ahead?  You can always come by Crescent Hill to warm up with some of our wonderfully vibrant new artwork by our incredibly talented artists!  

Sunday Sunshine

What an amazing day! The temperature is perfect, the sun is shining - it's time to get out there an enjoy it!  If you're already out and about, come visit us to add some extra colour to your day: we have lots of amazing new work by our artists, so you're sure to discover something special and new to add a touch of colour to your home!
Sabina Secret Hideaway II Acrylic on Canvas 24x48"
Secret Hideaway II
Acrylic on Canvas

First Hints of Snow

While there have been snow sightings all over Southern Ontario in the last few days, we've had our first few flakes right here at Crescent Hill Gallery today! We hope you're keeping warm and getting ready for the colder months ahead.  Perhaps we'll be having a very white Christmas this year too!