Northern Escapes

Are you ready for the weekend? Do you have a cozy cottage to visit to stay warm and relax during this wet and chilly fall weather?  Whether you're staying home, or making a trip this weekend, we have two new paintings by our newest artist, Christian Bergeron, that would be stunning in any location.  His colourful, prismatic villas lend a relaxed atmosphere to any room, whether you're taking some time out from a busy week, or dreaming of plans for the weeks ahead.

New Artist! Bold and Brilliant Bergeron

We have a new artist at Crescent Hill Gallery!  Born in the Province of Quebec, Canada, Christian Bergeron is an artist painter with more than forty years of experience. His works are shown in the most beautiful private and corporate art collections in Canada, USA and Europe.
 In the past ten years, he has been developing and perfecting a modern (prismatic) style of his own. Known for the mastery of the spatula, his only tool, and for his bright colors and contrasts, he became an associate member of the Copley Society of Art in Boston in 2007 where he exhibits his works regularily.
Christian Bergeron is an artist in constant evolution inspired by his many travels around the world who masters the nuances and visual compositions like no other.