It’s All in the Texture

It's not always easy to get a good sense of the texture typical to an artists style for from photographs online. Even in high resolution photos, it just doesn't do justice to the surface quality of some artwork in the way that viewing it in person does.

Our clients range near and far, so we understand that one might not always have the ability to stop in for a peek. To help our long-distance art lovers, we've included photos at different angles to help you get a sense of the textural style characteristic to some of our most popular artists!

Click each image to read more about the artist and view their artwork.

Maya Eventov

eventov-e1428786853900Elizabeth Lennie

lennie-e1428786824422Pietro Adamo

adamo-e1428786902743Mark Berens

berens-e1428786884695Marie-Claude Boucher

boucher-e1428786873544Jordan Hicks

hicks-e1428786833995Harold Braul

braul-e1428786864305Steve Tracy



Miguel Freitas


Model And The Canvas

We have as pair of amazing new works by Vladan Ignatovic today! His muse is simply stunning in these two wonderful portraits.  They simply must be seen in person!
Model And The Canvas Oil on Canvas    48x36"
Model And The Canvas
Oil on Canvas 48x36"
Good Morning   28x22" Oil on Canvas
Good Morning 28x22"
Oil on Canvas

Refreshing Rain

What a wonderfully refreshing morning we've had here in Mississauga! After all the sunshine, a little rain makes for a pleasant change and brings life back to all the parched plants. We have a lovely painting by Harold Braul that sums up the day nicely:
Harold Braul Mr. Oblivious Oil on Canvas 24x18"
Harold Braul
Mr. Oblivious
Oil on Canvas

At The Derby

Today we have a stunning new collection of paintings by Julia Klimova!  If you're in the mood for a fancy afternoon at the derby, we have the perfect piece for you, so come visit us to see these fantastic paintings in person.

And Spring is Back!

It seems like spring is off to a bumpy start, with all of the alternating cold and warm weather, but it's looking like this week is going to warm up quite a bit! What a great opportunity to get those gardens started - there is nothing quite like fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden in the summer. Today we have a lovely piece by Terri Hallman, fittingly titled 'Day Keeper'. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Day Keeper  by Terri Hallman

Enjoying The Long Weekend

Easter is here! We hope you're enjoying a relaxing weekend and lots of tasty treats! Those spring blooms are sure to start coming up soon!
Maya Eventov - Bold and Beautiful

Happy Good Friday!

Enjoy this time with family and friends, celebrate the coming warmer spring weather, and take a moment to relax this weekend. Crescent Hill Gallery is closed today, on Good Friday, March 29th, and Easter Sunday, March 31st.  We are open on Saturday the 30th though, so if you're out and about come by to visit us then!
Dina Shubin - Spring Bouquet

Happy International Women’s Day!

On this lovely, spring-like day, we are proud to present the stunning new works of Julia Klimova.  Painting for Julia is a passion, a fascinating process of seeing, which alters the vision of things. The everyday becomes special, unique, unknown. What is seen, is never what is painted, yet the painting becomes a new reality. When somebody inquires "How long did it take her to paint this picture?" - She answers it, but to herself she thinks: "How long? My entire life", it is a result of a lifelong journey into self discovery.

Enjoy an Early Spring with New Works by Dina Shubin!

We have two stunning new paintings by Dina Shubin at the gallery today!  With lovely soft colours, and fresh blooms, we feel like spring has already sprung.  Come by to warm up and get into the mood for spring with all of the wonderfully vibrant artwork that's been coming in!

A Charmed Life

We have new works by Peter Panov in the gallery today! From trumpet players to romantic cafe encounters, his work depicts a delightfully charmed take on life, using a distinct colour palette to add atmosphere and depth to every scene.  These pieces must be seen in person, so be sure to visit us soon and be captivated by this stunning artwork!

Sunday with Bill Saunders

Those of you who came to our event on Friday have already gotten the first preview and seen Bill Saunders' newest works!  These pieces are stunning - with so much detail and attention to lighting and mood, you will be drawn right into these new scenes.  Come by the gallery today to warm with some amazing art and see these stunning new paintings in person!

Bold and Beautiful – New Work by Mila Kovac

We have some amazing new paintings by Mila Kovac that just came in!  They make such a wonderful counterpoint to all the snow out there. Beautiful, warm blooms will brighten your day when you come by to see them.  They're perfect for any room, and just in time for our big event tomorrow night!  If you haven't sent in your R.S.V.P. already, make sure you give us a quick call or send us an email to let us know you're coming!  See you then!

Dramatic Poise

Today we have an absolutely stunning new collection of paintings by Jurgen Gorg.  His ephemeral style lends such stunning grace and poise to his figures that they seem to come to life right on the canvas.  A truly exceptional addition to any great room or space that needs some elegant flare, these pieces are timeless.

New Artist: Roman Zuzuk!

Today we're featuring artwork by our newest artist - Roman Zuzuk! His sophisticated painting technique and his work in primitive abstraction was developed only through rigorous classical schooling. He graduated from the prestigious Kiev Academy of Fine Arts. His art is truly an amalgamation of everyday and the extraordinary which straddle the worlds of rural and urban, a sentimental past and hopeful future. But it is in his eclectic foray into the tension of accepting reality over the magnetic force of fantasy, and all that world has to offer, that Zuzuk’s work inspires man to dream.

In the Mood

If you're getting ready to party over the holidays, and the dawn of a new age (if you're following the Mayan calendar), we have some fantastic new paintings by Pietro Adamo to get you in the mood. With his striking style and bold colour combinations, his work fits the day!

Living in Style

Just in! We have an amazing new collection of paintings by Peter Panov today!  Bold and beautiful, his paintings truly set the mood in any room, and these new pieces are sure to make your day.  With only two weeks left before Christmas, make sure you visit us soon to add some stunning new artwork to your home just in time for the holidays.