Amber Glow

Today we have a beautiful new collection of paintings by Mark Berens that are sure to bring a warm glow to your day.  Berens' attention to detail gives his work life and such a wonderful sense of depth that makes it feel like you could walk right into one of his pieces!

Misty View for a Rainy Day

Today we have a lovely new painting by Irina Koulikova!  With such wonderfully ephemeral dream-like landscapes, her work encourages your mind to wander and reminisce on calm summer afternoons or pleasant rides through the countryside.  Come by the gallery today to step in out of the rain and see what's new!

Untitled artwork by Irina Koulikov

Flowers Are Blooming at Crescent Hill Gallery!

Continuing our cheerful theme of spring flowers, we have new works by Jordan Hicks that are sure to keep your day merry and bright.  His wonderful attention to detail and choice of tranquil country scenes makes Jordan's work such a perfect addition to any room.

A Relaxing Soujourn

We've just received a beautiful new collection of works by Bill Saunders! His dreamy landscapes have such amazing detail - it's like you could walk right into them, and they look so peaceful you would definitely want to take a step inside and enjoy the countryside.