Getting Cozy on a Cool Winter Day

Perfect for curling up with a good book by the fireplace, these new paintings by Julia Klimova are sure to make the perfect addition to your cozy space.  With earthy tones and a delicate feel, you can tell that painting for Julia Klimova is a passion, a fascinating process of seeing, which alters the vision of things. The everyday becomes special, unique, unknown. What is seen, is never what is painted, yet the painting becomes a new reality. When somebody inquires "How long did it take her to paint this picture?" - She answers it, but to herself she thinks: "How long? My entire life", it is a result of a lifelong journey into self discovery.

Mid November Reflection

If you came to our evening event on October 19th, you had a chance to see Bob Arrigo create one of his stunning works right here in the gallery!  We have this beautiful painting available for you to see and buy, so why not come to Crescent Hill and bring home something really special?  A beautiful piece of artwork and a great memory!