Northern Escapes with Steve Tracy

We have a wonderful new collection of paintings by Steve Tracy today! These include some stunning new prairie cloud piece that absolutely must be seen in person.  Come on in, say hello, and check out our newest work today!
Highway 23 Acrylic on Canvas 24x60"
Highway 23
Acrylic on Canvas
Northern Shores Acrylic on Canvas 36x72"
Northern Shores
Acrylic on Canvas
Farmland Acrylic on Canvas 40x40"
Acrylic on Canvas
September Fields Acrylic on Canvas 24x48"
September Fields
Acrylic on Canvas
Martinelli's Wood Acrylic on Canvas 48x48"
Martinelli's Wood
Acrylic on Canvas
Deep Wood Reflection Acrylic on Canvas 24x60"
Deep Wood Reflection
Acrylic on Canvas

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're celebrating with a loved one, or doing something special to treat yourself, we hope you have a wonderful time.   Perfect for the day, and filled with wonderfully warm hues, we have some stunning new pieces by Mark Berens in the gallery today, so be sure to come and see them while they're here. They are even more amazing in person!
Sandbay Jackpine
Sandbay Jackpine
Sandbay Twilight
Sandbay Twilight

Fabulous Friday!

It's friday! Are you ready for the weekend? With this lovely weather it's a perfect opportunity to get outside and hike, boat, or just relax in the sunshine.  We have a lovely new triptych painting by Ken Kirsch that's perfect for these early autumn sunsets.
Ken Kirsch Northern Sunset Acrylic on Canvas
Ken Kirsch
Northern Sunset
Acrylic on Canvas

Sunday Stroll

Today might be another hot and humid one, but if you have a chance to get close to the lake there's a nice breeze that definitely makes it much better!  This stunning piece by Bob Arrigo, titled "Lake of Bays, Ontario", should help you cool down and get into a summer holiday mood:


Woodland Treasures

Today we have some new paintings by Mark Berens! With his stunning jewel-toned pallette, his paintings have a wonderfully earthy and rich feel to them. He creates luscious landscapes that just beg to be explored!  

Bring on the Sunshine!

We have some lovely new works by Mark Berens today, which will help you enjoy the sunshine even more. His stunning paintings have so much wonderful texture and depth, you'll want to step right into his sun-kissed landscapes.

The Colours of the Wind

Today we celebrate all the colours of nature with new works by Steve Tracy!  His vibrant landscapes have such wonderful texture and depth  - they're even better in person! These pieces are a must-see and will be on display at our grand event on Friday.  We hope to see you there!

Northern Waters with Tom Kerwin

We have one more new painting by Tom Kerwin today!  Very fitting to all the rain and water happening outside, but in a much more pleasant way.  Come visit us to see this piece in person, and catch a preview of some of the new work we're receiving for our upcoming show!


Northern Beauty

It might still be a little chilly for going camping up north, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the stunning beauty of the rocks, trees, and lakes in all our favourite hiking and camping places.  Mark Berens captures that majestic serenty with every painting he creates - bring some of it home to enjoy all year round!

New Season, New Landscape

With the cooler weather comes a new season, and a new landscape around us.  The beauty of having seasons is so evident when we see them change from one to another and the best of each is revealed at their height.  Here is a little seasonal change by Tom Kerwin!



Dreaming of Hawaii

Some of you may already be missing your cottage up north, or making plans for your next trip to a warmer climate once the winter weather settles in.  If that's the case, these lovely new paintings by Marie-Claude Boucher are just for you!

Northern Adventure

Following up on our Fall Colours weekend event, we have some stunning new paintings by Steve Tracy! If you haven't seen his work in person before, it's a definite must-see, so come by the gallery soon and discover our latest and greatest additions to the Crescent Hill collection!

Wild Wind

We have a wonderfully windy day here in Mississauga! The fall season has definitely settled in, and the time for curling up with a nice hot cup of cider and a good book has arrived.  While the sun is out, it's a great time to take a nice brisk walk and enjoy the fresh fall air!  This lovely painting by Tom Kerwin, titled "Windy Bay",  fits the day perfectly:


Morning Glory

It's a beautiful Monday morning out there! Whether you're up at a cottage, or starting a day at work, we hope you have a fantastic day to start off your week.  Just to make your morning even better, here is an uplifting painting by Ken Kirsch to get you in a happy mood:

Morning Glory