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What An Amazing Evening With the Artists 2013!

All of us here at Crescent Hill Gallery would like to thank everyone that came to our biggest annual event of the year. Our Fourteenth Annual Evening With the Artists was a great success! This Evening created the opportunity to meet and share a glass of wine with some of our many incredibly talented artists and to view new original works by these artists. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful evening with Maya Eventov, Bill Saunders, Marie-Claude Boucher, James Keirstead, Harold Braul, Peter Panov, Dina Shubin, Miguel Freitas, Mila Kovac, Jordan Hicks, Bob Arrigo, Jacky MacDonald, Tom Kerwin, Cyril Cox, Pietro Adamo, Emilija Pasagic, Mark Berens, Vladan Ignatovic, Lucie Boucher, Maureen McNeil, Heather Haynes, Carole Arnston, David Thai, Michael Rozenvain, Henri Lobo, Eduard Gurevich, Michael Swanson, Annette Kraft van Ermel, Nathan Brutsky, Alex Danovich, Gisele Boulianne, Julia Klimova, Steve Tracy, Michael Foers, Ken Kirsch, Victor Nemo, and Irena Koulikov. We are also delighted to have introduced talented artists Christian Bergeron, Kate Domina, Robert LeClerc, Victor Tkachenko, and Catherine Jeffrey whose works have been added to our collection over this past year. *Please note that new works will be on display following the show, so if you didn't have a chance to come on Friday night be sure to come by soon and get a chance to see them before they sell!