It’s All in the Texture

It's not always easy to get a good sense of the texture typical to an artists style for from photographs online. Even in high resolution photos, it just doesn't do justice to the surface quality of some artwork in the way that viewing it in person does.

Our clients range near and far, so we understand that one might not always have the ability to stop in for a peek. To help our long-distance art lovers, we've included photos at different angles to help you get a sense of the textural style characteristic to some of our most popular artists!

Click each image to read more about the artist and view their artwork.

Maya Eventov

eventov-e1428786853900Elizabeth Lennie

lennie-e1428786824422Pietro Adamo

adamo-e1428786902743Mark Berens

berens-e1428786884695Marie-Claude Boucher

boucher-e1428786873544Jordan Hicks

hicks-e1428786833995Harold Braul

braul-e1428786864305Steve Tracy



Miguel Freitas


Winter Sun – New Work by Mark Berens

We have a lovely new collection of works by Mark Berens in the gallery, and they reflect today's weather perfectly! Fresh snow, bright sunshine, with warm thoughts of spring ahead!
Autumn Spawning Grounds Oil on Board     40x40"
Autumn Spawning Grounds
Oil on Board 40x40"
December Escarpment Oil on Canvas   40x60"
December Escarpment
Oil on Canvas 40x60"
Harold Point Jack Pine Oil on Board   48x48"
Harold Point Jack Pine
Oil on Board 48x48"
First Snowfall  48x48" Oil on Board
First Snowfall 48x48"
Oil on Board

Sunday Sunshine

What an amazing day! The temperature is perfect, the sun is shining - it's time to get out there an enjoy it!  If you're already out and about, come visit us to add some extra colour to your day: we have lots of amazing new work by our artists, so you're sure to discover something special and new to add a touch of colour to your home!
Sabina Secret Hideaway II Acrylic on Canvas 24x48"
Secret Hideaway II
Acrylic on Canvas

Roaming Rainfall

With the humidity over 70%, it sure looks like we're in for some rain tonight! Hopefully the temperatures will drop a bit too, bringing a little relief from the heat of the last few days.  If you plan to spend this long weekend outside, it might be wise to keep an umbrella handy!
Jacky MacDonald After The Ritz Oil on Canvas 36x60"
Jacky MacDonald
After The Ritz
Oil on Canvas

If you go out in the woods today….

You'll find landscapes that inspire the work of Maya Eventov! We have a new collection of her work in the gallery today, so be sure to visit and check it out!

Woodland Treasures

Today we have some new paintings by Mark Berens! With his stunning jewel-toned pallette, his paintings have a wonderfully earthy and rich feel to them. He creates luscious landscapes that just beg to be explored!  

50 Shades of Grey

The skies may be cloudy and gray today, but the variety in shades and textures is lovely to watch if you take the time to do a little sky-gazing.  We even have a lovely painting by Jordan Hicks that suits the day perfectly:



Crimson Forests by Steve Tracy

Continuing with our collection of beautifully vibrant works, we have new paintings by Steve Tracy!  His rich, bold, hues bring such amazing depth and life to his landscapes that already have a delightful level of texture. These new pieces are absolutely stunning and must be seen!

A Room With a View

Today we have a stunning new collection of paintings by Maya Eventov! Her delightful birch paintings will add  a stunning new window into nature no matter where you hang them. Come see what's new at the Gallery today!
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Enjoying the Sunshine

We have a perfect spring day today! If you have a chance, go out and celebrate by spending some time in the garden, or just taking a walk at the local park.  Even if it's a little cool out there, days like this should be enjoyed thoroughly!

Sunday Ride by Marie-Claude Boucher

Birches Abound!

We have an amazing new collection of paintings by Maya Eventov today, and they're sure to make you smile. With her highly-textured techniques, Maya's stunning paintings bring nature to life in a whole new way.  Come to Crescent Hill Gallery to warm up and bring a little bit of the outdoors, indoors!

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Bold and Beautiful – New Work by Mila Kovac

We have some amazing new paintings by Mila Kovac that just came in!  They make such a wonderful counterpoint to all the snow out there. Beautiful, warm blooms will brighten your day when you come by to see them.  They're perfect for any room, and just in time for our big event tomorrow night!  If you haven't sent in your R.S.V.P. already, make sure you give us a quick call or send us an email to let us know you're coming!  See you then!

It’s Friday!!

Are you ready for a long weekend of relaxing and having fun? What are your plans for this Family Day weekend?  We have a beautiful collection of new paintings by Bob Arrigo to celebrate, so why not bring a lovely part of the outdoors into your home and relax in style.

Springtime in Winter

If you're out and about enjoying this delightfully warm weather, come by Crescent Hill to see the newest additions to our collection! Today we have new work by Tom Kerwin that is sure to put a spring in your step in tune to the warmer weather.

Escaping the Snow

Today we have a lovely collection of new works by Jordan Hicks! His delightful scenes filled with wonderful wildflowers are sure to brighten your day while this new batch of snow melts away.  Have a great Monday everyone!

New! Meet the Artist: Robert LeClerc

Welcome to the first edition of our Meet The Artist series: a monthly feature on our website giving you a little more information and perspective into the lives of our many talented artists!  We hope you enjoy this first edition, and that you will look forward to future editions on the first Saturday of every month. Today we would like to introduce you to one of Crescent Hill’s newer artists: Robert LeClerc.  His distinct style is a wonderful new addition to the collections available here at the gallery, so we hope that you enjoy his work as much as we do, and that you enjoy learning a little more about this very talented painter. Give us a little history of you: where you came from and how you got where you are today: 22 years years ago I was the president of a company that employed 40 people, and one day I decided to leave it all behind to devote myself to my favourite pastime: painting. I made this change for my inner well-being and the desire to find my true self.  I seek to be pure and to infuse my work with this purity, aspiring to honesty I make a point of showing this aspect of myself in each of my spatula strokes: they are applied without compromise, with the image of what I am or what I aspire to be, foremost in the act of creation.  Each painting is a torrent of emotions inspired by bringing peace, love, joy, and a spiritual aspect to the world. Describe your technique:  I would call my technique multidimensional impressionist cubism.  Viewed up close my work often seems abstract in style, and it is only when one steps back and views the paintings from a greater distance that the figurative elements become obvious.  My design ideas come from photos that I take on my travels, as well as from my imagination and how I feel. My style is very personal – you don’t need to read my signature to recognize one of my paintings.  They are all created using the “Alla Prima” technique, meaning that there are no prior drafts of the design, which results in very unique work. What other types of art and materials have you explored and what is your favourite medium? In my past, I have explored pastels, acrylic, and watercolour, but my favourite medium is oil. Do you have any interesting stories from creating your art or in your day to day life? When I was starting out I could see my style in my mind, but I wasn’t able to put it on canvas.  It took me more than a thousand paintings before I had the technical skill to do it.  I’ve also been a vegetarian for the last 12 years, and haven’t had any alcohol in 35 years. How do your studio and surroundings influence your work? Everything around me is clean – I seek to be pure and to infuse this aspect of me into each of my spatula strokes. The only things that I keep in my studio for inspiration are my paintings, and I use only one spatula to paint.   What impresses you about other artists’ work and who impresses you today? I am very impressed when an artist puts a lot of paint on his canvas without using modeling paste because the degree of difficulty is much higher for that style of work. When you are not working and creating, what do you do? Do you have another job? For many years now painting has been my full time job, but I enjoy relaxing, watching TV, social dancing, riding my bicycle, walking, and sometimes playing golf. What differentiates you from other artists? In my paintings you can find a symbiosis of the two ingredients that characterize me – my technique and my spontaneity make me unique.  Anyone who has one of my paintings can be transported to another dimension where the enchantment of the creative artist reigns.



Winter Woodlands

Today we have a lovely new collection of works by Steve Tracy!  Perfect for the holiday season, with a touch of snow and wonderfully vibrant colours. Steve Tracy was born in Santa Clara, California, in 1953, and grew up in Colorado and California. At the age of 10, he began painting with a set of hand-me-down oil paints. His education began at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He went on to graduate from the Colorado Institute of Art and furthered his studies in sculpting, design, drawing, illustration and commercial art. Steve also studied printmaking at California’s Kala Art Institute. Currently, Steve lives in London Ontario where he has donated his time to a recent public art endeavor in the downtown core. “I have great interest in London and want to see it thrive” he says, “I want to help the London core to be brilliant and revived – with glorious retail, thriving businesses and healthy lifestyles.” Steve was also commissioned to paint one of the 12 violins for Orchestra London’s “Painted Violins: Strung out on the Arts” soirée at the Museum of London.

Room with a View

We have a mesmerizing new painting by Mark Berens today!  This piece will give any room a stunning view of a freshly snow-covered late-fall landscape that is sure to make you think of cozy afternoons with a book and cup of cocoa on a sunny December day.