Rainy Days and Rainy Nights

While we're getting our fair share of rain right now, it's been great for clearing up the straggling piles of snow.  The grass is finally starting to look a little greener, the trees have buds, and the temperature is above 0 degrees - even with the rain (and possible hail?) it's still a lovely spring day.   Adding some extra cheer to the day is this fantastic new painting by Michael Rozenvain!

Late Night Jazz by Michael Rozenvain


A Charmed Life

We have new works by Peter Panov in the gallery today! From trumpet players to romantic cafe encounters, his work depicts a delightfully charmed take on life, using a distinct colour palette to add atmosphere and depth to every scene.  These pieces must be seen in person, so be sure to visit us soon and be captivated by this stunning artwork!

Dramatic Poise

Today we have an absolutely stunning new collection of paintings by Jurgen Gorg.  His ephemeral style lends such stunning grace and poise to his figures that they seem to come to life right on the canvas.  A truly exceptional addition to any great room or space that needs some elegant flare, these pieces are timeless.