Caring For your Art

Here at Crescent Hill Gallery, our artists use the highest quality acrylics and oils. These paints will retain their colour and vibrancy for a long time; according to the CCI (Canadian Conservation Institute), an acrylic or oil painting left in direct sunlight for 8 hours will not show signs of fading for 30-50 years.

However, it is best to take certain precautions when dealing with your artwork as they are on either a wooden stretcher and canvas or on board.

1. Frame the Artwork


Wood 'breathes' even after it is cut, and will expand and contract with fluctuations in humidity. To save yourself the expense of having a painting warp and need to be re-stretched (a cost of several hundreds of dollars), frame your painting in a simple floater frame. This will give is space behind the work and help maintain the stretchers shape.

2. Hang the Art Directly on the Wall


A painting leaning above a fireplace or on a shelf will slowly warp towards the wall, creating a concave shape to the stretcher. For tips on hanging your art, check out our blog post:

3. Choose an Interior Wall

Exterior facing walls can also be problematic as they are exposed to more fluctuations. A frame and bump-ons stuck to the back of the frame will help air circulate around the piece. If you have work on exterior walls or above fireplaces, make sure to check them every few months for signs change.

4. Be Careful when Cleaning

Dust can act as an abrasive force on your painting, so make sure to dust your painting with a feather duster or, preferably, a clean sable brush. To clean the inside edges of your floater frame, a Q-tip fits nicely between the space of the frame and painting.

5. Lighting

Although the high quality of paints used by our artists minimises any concerns of light damage to the artwork, there are lighting options that are better for the art than others. Our blog post "When to Shine a Light or Not" explains the safest options:

6. For those who want to learn more:

McMichael Art Gallery offers a concise and insightful write up for caring for your art, including more delicate works such a historical paintings and works on paper:

They suggest using incandescent lamps to protect work IF they are low wattage or on a dimmer. Incandescent lamps do emit a lot of heat which can degrade fabric and paper. LED lighting emits less heat and UV, while allowing you to view larger spectrum of colours and see more details. Some argue that the warm tone of incandescent bulbs is more suitable for paintings as they do not cast a hard white tone on the work.

If you have any concerns about your work, your first and most trusted source should be the Canadian Conservation Institute:


City Style with Victor Nemo

We have an amazing new collection of works by Victor Nemo! If you made it to our show last week you got to see them first - but we still a few left, so if you have a chance to come by these are definitely worth seeing in person!
Assembled in the USA Mixed Media on Canvas 36x48"
Assembled in the USA
Mixed Media on Canvas
Style For The World, N.Y. Mixed Media on Canvas 36x48"
Style For The World, N.Y.
Mixed Media on Canvas
Fog City News    36x48" Mixed Media on Canvas
Fog City News 36x48"
Mixed Media on Canvas
Riding in Paris   48x36" Mixed Media on Canvas
Riding in Paris 48x36"
Mixed Media on Canvas

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year's Eve!  We're looking forward to presenting some of the best Canadian art in the new year, and to helping find the perfect artwork just for you!

Happy New Year!

What An Adventure!

We had a wonderful time last weekend with everyone who came out to our Autumn Adventures show!  With such a great collection of new works, and the artists that came out, including Harold Braul, Mark Berens, Bob Arrigo, Henri Lobo, Viktor Nemo and Vladan.  We're definitely looking forward to our next show coming up in early March 2014, and we hope that you are too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us at Crescent Hill Gallery would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We're thankful for these stunning new pieces by Emilija Pasagic! If you're out and about tomorrow, come by to check them out!  We're open from 10am-6pm Saturday, from Noon-5pm on Sunday, and we're closed for the holiday on Monday.

Joyful Colours

We have a fabulous new collection of works by Pietro Adamo today, that are sure to add life and colour to any room.  Come by to see the newest pieces by our many talented artists and bring splash of colour home!  

The Glowing Gardens of Emilija Pasagic

Flowers are blooming everywhere, including here at Crescent Hill Gallery! We have a fabulous new collection of paintings by Emilija Pasagic, inspired by the beautiful breezy blooms of summer.  Come by today to get away from the summer heat and have a refreshing look at our newest artwork!

Summer Blooms, Fragrant Breezes

Today we have two stunning new paintings by Emilija Pasagic! Perfectly in tune with this sudden burst of warmth we're having today, and the lovely scents of late spring blooms carried on the wind.

Happy Days Are Here Again!

It finally seems like Spring is here to stay! Happy May 1st! Our door is wide open to let in the sunshine and lovely breeze, so come on by and join us in celebrating this perfect spring day.
Spring Bouquet by Dina Shubin
Spring Bouquet by Dina Shubin

Misty View for a Rainy Day

Today we have a lovely new painting by Irina Koulikova!  With such wonderfully ephemeral dream-like landscapes, her work encourages your mind to wander and reminisce on calm summer afternoons or pleasant rides through the countryside.  Come by the gallery today to step in out of the rain and see what's new!

Untitled artwork by Irina Koulikov

And Spring is Back!

It seems like spring is off to a bumpy start, with all of the alternating cold and warm weather, but it's looking like this week is going to warm up quite a bit! What a great opportunity to get those gardens started - there is nothing quite like fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden in the summer. Today we have a lovely piece by Terri Hallman, fittingly titled 'Day Keeper'. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Day Keeper  by Terri Hallman

Dreaming of Spring

It may be cold out there, but we're already dreaming of spring flowers!  We have an amazing new collection of paintings by Emilija Pasagic today, and her ephemeral blooms are keeping us thinking happy thoughts of spring weather that is soon to come.


For all the fashionistas out there, we have a fabulous new collection of Pietro Adamo's "Le Donne" series paintings.  These pieces are perfect for your dressing room or bedroom, so be sure to come in soon so you don't miss out!

Scarlet Forests

We have a stunning new collection of works by Heather Haynes today, including a piece from a new series! We're very excited to have these stunning works available here, and they are even better when see in person!  The vibrant colours of Heather Haynes' trees are evocative of crisp autumn afternoons and long strolls in the park when all the leaves have become a brilliant crimson.  Come enjoy the season right here at Crescent Hill!

The Many Faces of Terri Hallman

Today we have a great new collection of portraits by Terri Hallman! For Hallman, her art is in the process itself, which she regards as the essence of her work. On the surface, the work may appear simple, yet there is considerable emotional depth inherent in the artists multi-layered approach. It is layers, she says, that expose the passage of time. How some things are covered up and how others are revealed. Each completed work possesses a unique history, in which the layers represent the way things were and the finished piece defines the ways things are.