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Since we had a rare week with no new arrivals to the gallery, we set ourselves to the task of making sure you had something different, and a little bit fun, to occupy the space between our next newsletter and blog post.


It’s All in the Texture

It's not always easy to get a good sense of the texture typical to an artists style for from photographs online. Even in high resolution photos, it just doesn't do justice to the surface quality of some artwork in the way that viewing it in person does.

Our clients range near and far, so we understand that one might not always have the ability to stop in for a peek. To help our long-distance art lovers, we've included photos at different angles to help you get a sense of the textural style characteristic to some of our most popular artists!

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Maya Eventov

eventov-e1428786853900Elizabeth Lennie

lennie-e1428786824422Pietro Adamo

adamo-e1428786902743Mark Berens

berens-e1428786884695Marie-Claude Boucher

boucher-e1428786873544Jordan Hicks

hicks-e1428786833995Harold Braul

braul-e1428786864305Steve Tracy



Miguel Freitas


Finding a New Perspective With Miguel Freitas

We have exciting news! Miguel Freitas just brought us some stunning new pieces, and we're thrilled to show them off!  While they look great in the photos, they are even better in person, so be sure to come to Crescent Hill to see them soon!
Morning Brew Acrylic on Board   36x24"
Morning Brew
Acrylic on Board 36x24"
Summer Thoughts Acrylic on Board   26x42"
Summer Thoughts
Acrylic on Board 26x42"
Shimmering Shadows Acrylic on Board   26x44"
Shimmering Shadows
Acrylic on Board 26x44"
Boathouse II Acrylic on Board   26x42"
Boathouse II
Acrylic on Board 26x42"

The Heat Goes On

If you're not working in a nice cool location today, we hope you're finding other ways to keep cool! There are lots of great outdoor pools in the city, and lots of amazing places to grab a cool treat so stay cool and hydrated while you beat the heat! Today we have a stunning painting by Miguel Freitas - what a lovely place to be in the summer!


Summertime Adventures

Whatever your plans may be for the summer, we hope you have some great adventures! This stunning new painting by Miguel Freitas looks like an amazing place to visit - are you planning to do some travelling in the next few months?


A New Perspective

We have a lovely new painting by Miguel Freitas in the gallery today! His vibrant and bold style makes for an inspiring addition to any room.  With a unique perspective and fabulous attention to detail, Freitas' paintings simply must be seen in person!


Sunday Brunch

Everyone loves a good Sunday brunch! Today is a great day to follow it up with a stroll by the lake while enjoying the lovely early autumn weather on this last day of September.  We have a wonderful painting by Miguel Freitas, with that very idea in mind:


It’s a Freitas Friday!

Just in! A stunning new collection of paintings by Miguel Freitas!  His new 26x42" paintings sell very quickly, so be sure to come in and get yours while they're here! Miguel's unique technique and style has attracted much attention and created a following where his originals have become sought after by collectors throughout North America. When composing his art, he tries to express things as they appear to him and not always as reality. His style and execution bring to mind images of great frescoes on old crumbling walls. The unusual use of mixed media and subject matter, are a perfect marriage. Whimsical impressions, of places in his mind, call to you through the feelings they emote.

Fantastic Friday with Miguel Freitas

If you're out enjoying this amazing weather, come by to see the new paintings we've just received from Miguel Freitas! They are stunning, and he has created pieces in a new smaller size that is selling fast, so be sure to see them while they're here!