Hanging Tips and Tricks

To make quick work of the task of hanging your new art, we've compiled some helpful guidelines to follow so you can get to enjoying your vacation a lot sooner!


Hanging your artwork with precision, rather than by-eye, not only gives your collection a more polished look, but it is also more naturally appealing to rest your eyes on even lines and square angles.


At the gallery, we use 60", the height of average eye-level from the floor to the center point of your artwork to hang our work. Heights vary, and so for optimal viewing of your collection, you may need to adjust the measurement to your own comfort.




An alternative way to hang artowrk without using a wire on the back of the painting is to use D-rings and angled wall hangers.


For this method, you install the two D-rings into the back of the painting, making sure they are level with each other.


Then, using the measuring methods described above to figure out the ideal placement of the angled wall hangers. Make sure to measure the distance between the two D-rings on the back of the painting for the distance of the two angled wall hooks as well as the correct height for the painting.

Enjoying a Fabulous Spring Weekend

The warmer weather is here! For this weekend, at least! Get out there and enjoy the sunshine and amazing weather - there is no time like the present, so don't let yourself miss out!
Tangled Garden by Michael Foers
Tangled Garden by Michael Foers

Sunset in Paradise

With the cooler weather on the way, you might be making some final trips up to the cottage to enjoy the last bits of summer and the start of the fall season!  We have a stunning new painting by Michael Foers that perfectly captures the serenity of an evening spent watching the sunset, surrounded by nature.


It’s Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's going to be a hot day today, so we hope you're keeping cool!  With a little luck the temperatures may drop a bit over the weekend, so keep your fingers crossed! In the meanwhile, here is a little artwork by our artists to help you keep thinking cool thoughts.