A Rainy Day in the City

Today we have two stunning new paintings by Harold Braul! Perfect on a rainy day like today, his Market Series paintings depict city life so well, while his bird paintings are sure to delight and have you whistling while you work.

The Daily Commute

However you get to work each day, you're sure to connect with these stunning new paintings by Harold Braul.  They arrived just in time for our show on Friday, and most of them are still available here at the gallery - come and see them soon!

Watching the Weather

With everyone waiting in anticipation of what will happen with the 'Frankenstorm', we're keeping a keen eye on the weather!  While we all watch and wait, here are a couple of brand new paintings by Harold Braul that suit the colours and feel of a long rainy day so well.

Let’s Go To The Ex!

With summer holidays coming to a close, it seems like everyone is taking the time to make a trip to the CNE this year!  What are your favourite things at the Ex? Do you go for the rides, the food, or for great deals in the pavillions?  Whatever your pleasure, if you get a chance to go we hope you have a great time!

Let's Go To the Ex!


Sunday Market

Today is a great day to go to the market! Is there a farmer's market near you?  They're a great chance to support your local farmers and get some amazing fresh produce and much more! This lovely painting by Harold Braul captures the spirit of the market so well!

Sunday Market