Stormclouds and Rainbows

After the little rain showers earlier today, it looks like we're in for a bit of sunshine!  Autumn skies truly are the most dramatic, and our artists love them as much as we do!
Michael Swanson After the Storm Acrylic on Canvas 30x40"
Michael Swanson
After the Storm
Acrylic on Canvas

Clear Skies With Plenty Of Sunshine!

It's another fabulous day in spring paradise! Even if you're at work all day, take a break to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and vitamin D from the lovely sunshine! Get inspired with this lovely painting by Tom Kerwin!

Late Afternoon Sun by Tom Kerwin


Winter Journeys

With the cold weather still here, we have some delightfully fitting winter scenes by Christian Bergeron.  His distinct style is easily recognizable and his depictions of rural Quebec or other parts of Canada have a wonderfully dream-like quality to them, bringing a sense of calm and beauty to his snow-covered landscapes.

Snow for the Holidays

The snow may have been a day late, in the Mississauga area, but we got a lovely white Boxing Day!  Ski and snowboard lovers everywhere are sure to be enjoying the fresh snow, and we can all appreciate the lovely white blanket freshening up the landscape for the holidays.


First Snow….

Did everyone make it home alright last night? With our first 'real' snow, came the joys of winter driving, but we're sure everyone will get back into the swing of things soon enough! To celebrate this lovely white blanket, we have some stunning new works by Christian Bergeron!

A Little Snow to start the season

For our show this past week we received a stunning new collection of paintings by Marie-Claude Boucher, including some of her lovely winter scenes! If you're starting your gift buying for the holidays, make Crescent Hill one of your stops and bring a little bit of holiday cheer to your home!

The Perfect Holiday Gift!

We have a lovely new collection of miniature paintings by Maya Eventov and Marie-Claude Boucher, just in time for Christmas!  They make wonderful gifts, so be sure to get yours soon - they are going fast!

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