Put a Spring in Your Step

What an amazing day we have today - such a perfect start to the school year. If you have a chance, make sure you take the time to step outside and enjoy it.  Whether you're out there for a few minutes or a few hours, it'll be worth it!
Tom Kerwin Sunset Harmony Oil on Canvas 24x18"
Tom Kerwin
Sunset Harmony
Oil on Canvas

Early April Showers Bringing Some Lovely Spring Flowers

With that burst of rain on Sunday night more of the snow was melted away to make room for all those lovely spring flowers that we're so ready to see!  Spring is coming, even if a little slowly.   For now, enjoy these stunning golden blooms by Carole Arnston!

Summer Trails with Mark Berens

We have a few new paintings by Mark Berens in today! The surface quality of his landscapes is thick, creamy, and rich in the palette of nature’s liveliness. Berens is particularly noted for his ability to capture depth and light through textured dabs of a well-calculated colour palette. Upon viewing a Berens Oil, it is almost as if one could reach out and pick up one of his fallen leaves. Through closer inspection, the quality of the paint reveals itself in a somewhat abstract manner, creating a unique bilateral dynamic for viewing.