Thunder and Lighting

With stormy weather predicted for today, don't forget to pack an umbrella or raincoat before you head out!  Gardens everywhere will be glad for the rain, and it makes a nice change of pace after lots of sun.
Dagong Young After the Rain Oil on Canvas 24x48"
Dagong Young
After the Rain
Oil on Canvas

Sunday with Bill Saunders

Those of you who came to our event on Friday have already gotten the first preview and seen Bill Saunders' newest works!  These pieces are stunning - with so much detail and attention to lighting and mood, you will be drawn right into these new scenes.  Come by the gallery today to warm with some amazing art and see these stunning new paintings in person!

A Relaxing Soujourn

We've just received a beautiful new collection of works by Bill Saunders! His dreamy landscapes have such amazing detail - it's like you could walk right into them, and they look so peaceful you would definitely want to take a step inside and enjoy the countryside.