Woodland Treasures

Today we have some new paintings by Mark Berens! With his stunning jewel-toned pallette, his paintings have a wonderfully earthy and rich feel to them. He creates luscious landscapes that just beg to be explored!  

Bringing Colour Back to the Landscape for Spring

While we eagerly watch the crocuses bloom and await the vibrant colours of spring, we have some new paintings by Steve Tracy that will add colour to your home right now! His stunning landscapes are filled with vibrant detail, conjuring up happy memories of a sunny afternoon in the woods.

Emerald Lake by Steve Tracy

The Colours of the Wind

Today we celebrate all the colours of nature with new works by Steve Tracy!  His vibrant landscapes have such wonderful texture and depth  - they're even better in person! These pieces are a must-see and will be on display at our grand event on Friday.  We hope to see you there!

Winter Blanket

Looks like we're in for a little more snow today!  If you're looking for some stunning artwork that fits the season and will bring a breath of fresh air to your home, we have an amazing collection of winter scenes by Maya Eventov - come and see them today!


Snow for the Holidays

The snow may have been a day late, in the Mississauga area, but we got a lovely white Boxing Day!  Ski and snowboard lovers everywhere are sure to be enjoying the fresh snow, and we can all appreciate the lovely white blanket freshening up the landscape for the holidays.


True North

To celebrate the first day of November, and the rapidly approaching Fall Back where we get to enjoy an extra hour in our day on November 4th, we have some stunning new paintings by Ken Kirsch! His attention to detail when creating his northern landscapes gives them such a wonderfully calming and peaceful feel.  These pieces are perfect for adding a touch of serenity to any room.