Misty View for a Rainy Day

Today we have a lovely new painting by Irina Koulikova!  With such wonderfully ephemeral dream-like landscapes, her work encourages your mind to wander and reminisce on calm summer afternoons or pleasant rides through the countryside.  Come by the gallery today to step in out of the rain and see what's new!

Untitled artwork by Irina Koulikov

Dreaming of Spring

It may be cold out there, but we're already dreaming of spring flowers!  We have an amazing new collection of paintings by Emilija Pasagic today, and her ephemeral blooms are keeping us thinking happy thoughts of spring weather that is soon to come.

Dramatic Poise

Today we have an absolutely stunning new collection of paintings by Jurgen Gorg.  His ephemeral style lends such stunning grace and poise to his figures that they seem to come to life right on the canvas.  A truly exceptional addition to any great room or space that needs some elegant flare, these pieces are timeless.