Sunny Saturday

It's a magnificent day out there today! Perfect for taking a stroll and enjoying this fresh fall weather, and coming by to visit us here at Crescent Hill Gallery!  We have a fantastic selection of original Canadian art, with new pieces coming in every week! Check out these new works by Harold Braul:

Monday, Monday

It's a lovely Monday morning here in Mississauga, and the start to another week! We're expecting to be getting some great new work from our artists for the fall season, so keep checking our galleries and follow our blog for all the updates!
Christian Bergeron Monday Morning in Toronto Acrylic on Canvas 36x40"
Christian Bergeron
Monday Morning in Toronto
Acrylic on Canvas

It’s A Weekend Weather Medley!

What an exciting morning! Fresh snow on the ground, a snow blizzard on the way to the gallery, and now wonderfully bright sunshine! There are still some dark and fluffy clouds around so we wouldn't be surprised by a little more snow this afternoon, too! However the day turns out, we hope you have a wonderful Saturday! This stunning painting by Catherine Jeffrey depicts this morning in Toronto so perfectly!

Queen and McCaul Snow by Catherine Jeffrey

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Well, it's been a very wet and chilly week, but mother nature is just doing some spring cleaning of her own.  With everything glistening in the rain so nicely, we have some stunning new work by Catherine Jeffery who captures the atmosphere of a cloudy city day perfectly!