If you go out in the woods today….

You'll find landscapes that inspire the work of Maya Eventov! We have a new collection of her work in the gallery today, so be sure to visit and check it out!

50 Shades of Grey

The skies may be cloudy and gray today, but the variety in shades and textures is lovely to watch if you take the time to do a little sky-gazing.  We even have a lovely painting by Jordan Hicks that suits the day perfectly:



And Spring is Back!

It seems like spring is off to a bumpy start, with all of the alternating cold and warm weather, but it's looking like this week is going to warm up quite a bit! What a great opportunity to get those gardens started - there is nothing quite like fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden in the summer. Today we have a lovely piece by Terri Hallman, fittingly titled 'Day Keeper'. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Day Keeper  by Terri Hallman

Escaping the Snow

Today we have a lovely collection of new works by Jordan Hicks! His delightful scenes filled with wonderful wildflowers are sure to brighten your day while this new batch of snow melts away.  Have a great Monday everyone!

Everything’s Coming Up Daisies

Those of you who made it to our Fall Colours event last light may have already had a chance to see this stunning new painting by Jordan Hicks!  If you didn't make it last night, and you're in Mississauga, come by the gallery to day to see this amazing painting in person - you'll be glad you did!


Country Roads

We have great news for fans of Jordan Hicks' work!  A lovely little collection of pieces just arrived yesterday, including a couple of miniature works, and they must be seen in person! "I believe in our natural world and it is the foundation for most of my work. I believe in original art and I am dedicated to producing work that has a personality, work that is real." - Jordan Hicks