Happy Family Day!

For those of you in Ontario and other provinces celebrating Family Day, we hope you're taking this opportunity to spend some time with your family, have fun, and relax! We have some fabulous new paintings by Harold Braul today - all about people, places, and the intricacies of urban life. Have  a wonderful day!

Round About Town

Today we have a lovely new painting by Christian Bergeron.  His unique style lends additional depth and character to his works, and we're proud to see that his latest piece is of downtown Toronto!  Come by to warm up on this chilly Sunday and view this fantastic painting in person.



Winter Colour

Reflecting the view out our windows today, we have a new collection of works by Christian Bergeron!  Depicting lovely mid-winter scenes of villages and small towns covered by a delicate blanket of fresh snow, his works are beautifully calming. Definitely a must-see in person!

Out and About in the Sunshine

Today we have a few lovely new paintings by Michael Rozenvain! Depicting happy shoppers strolling in the sunshine on a cobblestone road, these pieces makes use want to go out and join the throng!  

Afternoon Stroll

Bringing you some warm colors on a chilly winter afternoon, we have a lovely new painting by Aleksandra!  This stunning brings up memories of getting caught in the rain on a warm summer afternoon.  We hope adds a little warmth today as well.


An Afternoon in Paris

Just in! We have a pair of stunning new paintings by Michael Rozenvain  - and they simply must be seen in person.  The Parisian street scene, the cafe orchestra, and the piano, fill or submerge the canvas in a series of what is certainly the contents of the artist's sub-conscious as well as his conscious memory, for he is reluctant to let them disappear. Their vitality is unquestionably their foremost feature and stays in our mind's eye for long after we have left them behind.

The Daily Commute

However you get to work each day, you're sure to connect with these stunning new paintings by Harold Braul.  They arrived just in time for our show on Friday, and most of them are still available here at the gallery - come and see them soon!

Rainy Day Cafe

It's Friday! So while the weather may be cloudy and grey, the weekend is almost here! Take some time to enjoy your day and celebrate the weekend ahead at your local cafe. Here is one of our newest paintings by Harold Braul to fit the mood. Have a great weekend everyone!  

Under Green Arches

Today we have a wonderful new painting by Harold Braul.  A perfect match for today's weather, don't you think?  We're getting lots of awesome new work by our artists in preparation for our first upcoming show on Friday, October 19th, so mark your calendars and come celebrate Fall Colours here at Crescent Hill Gallery!


Let’s Go To The Ex!

With summer holidays coming to a close, it seems like everyone is taking the time to make a trip to the CNE this year!  What are your favourite things at the Ex? Do you go for the rides, the food, or for great deals in the pavillions?  Whatever your pleasure, if you get a chance to go we hope you have a great time!

Let's Go To the Ex!


Fantastic Friday with Miguel Freitas

If you're out enjoying this amazing weather, come by to see the new paintings we've just received from Miguel Freitas! They are stunning, and he has created pieces in a new smaller size that is selling fast, so be sure to see them while they're here!