A Stroll in the Park

We have a few more lovely paintings by Harold Braul today!  Their settings seem perfect for this first day of Spring, with the overcast skies and bare trees.  We hope you all got a chance to pop outside and enjoy the day!
Scarecrow Oil on Canvas 30x24"
Oil on Canvas 30x24"
Park Series Oil on Canvas 40x60"
Park Series
Oil on Canvas 40x60"
Park Series Oil on Canvas 36x48"
Park Series
Oil on Canvas 36x48"

Urban Colour with Harold Braul

If you love the city life, then we have the perfect addition to your art collection! We have new works in by Harold Braul, including his Commuter and Bird series works - these new Bird Series pieces are not to be missed as they will sell very quickly!

Building Some Atmosphere

While we might be getting a little rain today, just think of how it'll help all those gardens grow! It also adds a lovely sense of atmosphere in the big city, washing the streets and bringing a sense of renewal.  Harold Braul captures city rain magnificently in his Commuter series of work, and we always look forward to getting more of his paintings in the gallery:


Uptown, Downtown

Today we have a fantastic new collection of paintings by Harold Braul! For all the urbanites out there, these pieces are for you!  They are the perfect statement piece condos, apartments, and city homes.  Show your love of city life and bring home a Braul!