What An Adventure!

We had a wonderful time last weekend with everyone who came out to our Autumn Adventures show!  With such a great collection of new works, and the artists that came out, including Harold Braul, Mark Berens, Bob Arrigo, Henri Lobo, Viktor Nemo and Vladan.  We're definitely looking forward to our next show coming up in early March 2014, and we hope that you are too!

Summer Blooms with Carole Arnston

Today we have a stunning new collection of paintings by Carole Arnston!  With such wonderfully rich and expressive colours, her works catch the eye and imagination.  Perfect for the ultimate summer touch to any space!

Rain in the Spring Garden

Looks like the rain held off long enough to give us a wonderful weekend, but now it's definitely coming down!  What a wonderful thing to keep those gardens growing! Today we're featuring a painting by Carole Arnson: "Rain In the Spring Garden" - what a perfect fit for the day.


It’s a Heat Wave!

It looks like we've got a couple of days of extreme heat to follow up the colder start of this week - something for everyone! Whatever your favourite weather, we hope you get a chance to get out there and enjoy it to the fullest! Have a fantastic Thursday! "Heated Meadow Breeze" by Carole Arnston:CaroleArnston162947

Early April Showers Bringing Some Lovely Spring Flowers

With that burst of rain on Sunday night more of the snow was melted away to make room for all those lovely spring flowers that we're so ready to see!  Spring is coming, even if a little slowly.   For now, enjoy these stunning golden blooms by Carole Arnston!

It’s a sunny day in Mississauga!

If you're in the Mississauga area, or just passing through, be sure to stop by and say hello! We have an amazing collection of artwork from close to 50 Canadian artists in a wide range of styles and media.  You'll be glad you took the time to visit!

Nature in Abstract with Carol Arnston

We have some amazing new artwork by Carole Arnston! Arnston's visual understanding of our physical world is influenced greatly by her architectural background, and she has built on the abstract impressionist influences of artists like Joan Mitchell and Georgia O’Keefe to develop her own style of lyrical abstraction. The joy of exploring the natural world inspires all her work. Dramatic images of wind, sea and alpine meadows are rendered with a broad brush, subtle colour blending and painting knives. They invite the viewer to look closer, to see the beauty that she sees every day.

Crescent Hill Gallery in Lakeshore Living Magazine!

We were recently interviewed in Lakeshore Living magazine. If you would like a copy of this informative new issue, please pick one up at the gallery! Crescent Hill Gallery  featured in Lakeshore Living Magazine