Cool Breezes and Dramatic Skies

While we're looking forward to some of the newest work by our artists for the fall season, we're enjoying all of this lovely weather. The clouds add such a wonderful sense of drama to the skies!
Michael Swanson After The Storm Acrylic on Canvas 30x40"
Michael Swanson
After The Storm
Acrylic on Canvas

Everlasting Beauty

Today we have a stunning new collection of work by Maya Eventov!  These pieces have some amazingly vibrant colours and scenes making them a definite must-see! Come by this weekend to see what's new and awesome here at the gallery!

Take A Sunday Stroll With Bob Arrigo

It's a lovely day out there today, and it looks like it's going to heat up a bit! What a great day to be by the lake, to take a nice long stroll or go for a swim.  We hope you're enjoying this lovely summer weekend! To celebrate the day, here is a lovely painting by Bob Arrigo!
Bob Arrigo The Scents of Autumn Acrylic on Canvas 30x40"
Bob Arrigo
The Scents of Autumn
Acrylic on Canvas

If you go out in the woods today….

You'll find landscapes that inspire the work of Maya Eventov! We have a new collection of her work in the gallery today, so be sure to visit and check it out!

Summer Sundays

With such perfect weather this weekend, we hope you're up at a cottage, camping, or doing whatever you can do enjoy the summer!  We have the perfect new work by Steve Tracy! Bring the outdoors home with your after your vacations, and the great memories too!

Woodland Treasures

Today we have some new paintings by Mark Berens! With his stunning jewel-toned pallette, his paintings have a wonderfully earthy and rich feel to them. He creates luscious landscapes that just beg to be explored!  

Amber Glow

Today we have a beautiful new collection of paintings by Mark Berens that are sure to bring a warm glow to your day.  Berens' attention to detail gives his work life and such a wonderful sense of depth that makes it feel like you could walk right into one of his pieces!

Clear Skies With Plenty Of Sunshine!

It's another fabulous day in spring paradise! Even if you're at work all day, take a break to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and vitamin D from the lovely sunshine! Get inspired with this lovely painting by Tom Kerwin!

Late Afternoon Sun by Tom Kerwin


Getting Ready For the Cottage

Are you excited about the summer? Is your cottage ready? We have some fantastic new paintings by Ken Kirsch today, showing a couple of great ways to relax and  have fun.  Whether you support your local hockey team and go to all the games, or just enjoy a quiet evening fishing up at the lake, Kirsch's artwork will bring back great memories of good times past and inspire you to make some great memories ahead.

A Weekend in the Woods

For everyone who loves to hike in the woods and explore new trails, we have a great collection of freshly painted birch series paintings by Maya Eventov.  Come and visit our wonderfully air-conditioned gallery to see the newest works by our many artists!

Happy Trails

The final weekends of summer are upon us, so now is the time to make those last trips to the cottage or campgrounds and make some great summer memories.  We hope you're taking the time to be with friends and family, and enjoying the perfect weather.  Today we have a lovely painting by Ken Kirsch,  from a northern lake shore.

Happy Trails

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's going to be a hot day today, so we hope you're keeping cool!  With a little luck the temperatures may drop a bit over the weekend, so keep your fingers crossed! In the meanwhile, here is a little artwork by our artists to help you keep thinking cool thoughts.

Northern adventure with Mark Berens

We have three stunning new paintings by Mark Berens, just in time for the perfect camping weather! If you love heading up to your cottage, or going out on a hiking adventure, these paintings capture the mood perfectly and will always remind you of your summer memories when you return home.