Silver Lining

With the clouds a lovely silvery grey today, we have a lovely accompaniment  to the weather with new works by Jurgen Gorg! We've repainted one of our main walls, and his newest works are on display just as you come in.  This lovely zodiac inspired series has delicate hues and whimsical lines that make Gorg's work a stunning addition to any room.

Northern Beauty

It might still be a little chilly for going camping up north, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the stunning beauty of the rocks, trees, and lakes in all our favourite hiking and camping places.  Mark Berens captures that majestic serenty with every painting he creates - bring some of it home to enjoy all year round!

Room with a View

We have a mesmerizing new painting by Mark Berens today!  This piece will give any room a stunning view of a freshly snow-covered late-fall landscape that is sure to make you think of cozy afternoons with a book and cup of cocoa on a sunny December day.