Cherry Trees and Magnolias in Full Bloom

Spring is here!  The cherry trees and magnolias are blooming, making stunning clouds of pink and white everywhere they grow.  It's definitely a great time to go out and view these stunning blooms while they last!  Henri Lobo's newest painting captures the spirit of the season perfectly, so you can view some cherry blossoms right here in the gallery too.

Spring Road - painting by Henri Lobo


The Journey Is The Thing

For all of the daydreamers and travelers out there, we have a beautiful new collection of works by Eduard Gurevich. His detailed, yet whimsical, style will draw you in and send your imagination on a wonderful journey.  These pieces simply must be seen in person! Come by the gallery today to warm up with these stunning new works.

Sunday Brunch

Everyone loves a good Sunday brunch! Today is a great day to follow it up with a stroll by the lake while enjoying the lovely early autumn weather on this last day of September.  We have a wonderful painting by Miguel Freitas, with that very idea in mind:


It’s a Freitas Friday!

Just in! A stunning new collection of paintings by Miguel Freitas!  His new 26x42" paintings sell very quickly, so be sure to come in and get yours while they're here! Miguel's unique technique and style has attracted much attention and created a following where his originals have become sought after by collectors throughout North America. When composing his art, he tries to express things as they appear to him and not always as reality. His style and execution bring to mind images of great frescoes on old crumbling walls. The unusual use of mixed media and subject matter, are a perfect marriage. Whimsical impressions, of places in his mind, call to you through the feelings they emote.

Fantastic Friday with Miguel Freitas

If you're out enjoying this amazing weather, come by to see the new paintings we've just received from Miguel Freitas! They are stunning, and he has created pieces in a new smaller size that is selling fast, so be sure to see them while they're here!