Warm Sights on a Chilly Monday

Today we have new work by Mark Berens in the gallery! His stunning paintings show such wonderful warmth and detail  - we want to visit every location he paints!  Even his winter scenes have a warm light to them, making the ice and snow seem more inviting.

Make Way!

Today we're featuring two new paintings by Harold Braul!   Whether you drive, ride, or walk your way to work Harold's paintings depict the hustle and bustle of the morning commute perfectly.  These pieces are even better in person, so be sure to stop by and see them soon!

A Relaxing Soujourn

We've just received a beautiful new collection of works by Bill Saunders! His dreamy landscapes have such amazing detail - it's like you could walk right into them, and they look so peaceful you would definitely want to take a step inside and enjoy the countryside.