Off To The Races!

If you're an avid runner, then these amazing new paintings by Harold Braul are for you!  As a great addition to his Peloton series, he has expanded and done some fantastic studies of marathon runners.  Get in the spirit by running over to Crescent Hill and buying yours today!
The Oncoming Herd    Oil on Canvas  30x48"
The Oncoming Herd
Oil on Canvas 30x48"
Kitchen Portal    36x24" Oil on Canvas
Kitchen Portal 36x24"
Oil on Canvas
Finito    30x24" Oil on Canvas
Finito 30x24"
Oil on Canvas
Intermission     28x22" Oil on Canvas
Intermission 28x22"
Oil on Canvas
Bird Series  30x24" Oil on Canvas
Bird Series 30x24"
Oil on Canvas
Marathon Study   30x24" Oil on Canvas
Marathon Study 30x24"
Oil on Canvas

Winter Wonderland

With our first real snowfall behind us, are you ready for the colder weather ahead?  You can always come by Crescent Hill to warm up with some of our wonderfully vibrant new artwork by our incredibly talented artists!  

Sunny Saturday

It's a magnificent day out there today! Perfect for taking a stroll and enjoying this fresh fall weather, and coming by to visit us here at Crescent Hill Gallery!  We have a fantastic selection of original Canadian art, with new pieces coming in every week! Check out these new works by Harold Braul:

Urban Colour with Harold Braul

If you love the city life, then we have the perfect addition to your art collection! We have new works in by Harold Braul, including his Commuter and Bird series works - these new Bird Series pieces are not to be missed as they will sell very quickly!

On the Streets, and In the Square

If you're looking for some stunning urban artwork to bring a little bit of city life into your home, we have some brilliant new works by Harold Braul that are sure to be a perfect fit! Come in out of the heat, and discover some the work of an artist who has been dubbed 'Canadian Cool':

Happy Days Are Here Again!

It finally seems like Spring is here to stay! Happy May 1st! Our door is wide open to let in the sunshine and lovely breeze, so come on by and join us in celebrating this perfect spring day.
Spring Bouquet by Dina Shubin
Spring Bouquet by Dina Shubin

Uptown, Downtown

Today we have a fantastic new collection of paintings by Harold Braul! For all the urbanites out there, these pieces are for you!  They are the perfect statement piece condos, apartments, and city homes.  Show your love of city life and bring home a Braul!

Is It Spring Yet?

While it may officially be Spring, we're still waiting for the warmer that comes with it to actually happen! In the meanwhile, we're receiving some amazing new artwork from our artists! Today we're featuring the newest paintings by Harold Braul!  His commuter series pieces show a wonderful slice of city life, while his bird series brings happy colour to any room.  Come by today to see what's new!

Brilliant Birds

Today we have a brilliant collection of new miniature bird paintings by Harold Braul! These and more pieces are arriving in preparation for our evening event on Friday November 23rd, so if you're in the Mississauga area you have a chance to preview them now!

Birds and the City

We have a stunning new collection of paintings by Harold Braul in the Gallery today! For bird-lovers, city-dwellers, and cyclists alike, this new series is sure to impress.  If you're out enjoying the sunny weather today make sure you take the time to come and take a look!

Fly Away this Friday

This Friday the 13th, you can fly away with us as we present Harold Braul's newest collection of Bird Series paintings, inlcuding the stunning new addition of a Butterfly as well! Braul draws his snapshot scenes from imagination that is filtered through memory. While his work depicts the realities of everyday life, each figure and setting is conjured from the artist’s own interior vision of urban existence. Similar to the French Impressionists of the 19th century, Braul finds beauty in the mundane sights of the modern city: a commuter awaiting his connection, or the billow of an overcoat on a rain-swept street. These glimpses of the everyday are rendered in bold color tempered with a soft, seductive luminescence.