The Art of a Home Consultation.

Crescent Hill Gallery prides itself on having thoughtful and knowledgeable staff, capable of giving sound advice on what artwork would look best for any home. We take the time to get to know our clients' tastes - likes and dislikes, from texture to subject matter - and can easily navigate the thousands of works we have to find the perfect match.

Unsure what might look best in your home? Questioning what size would look best? We offer both in-home and virtual consultations to make your purchase what it should be - a joy!

So what makes for a perfect home consultation? It's simple. Have a conversation with us! We want to hear all about your space, how you or your designer has worked towards creating it, what you'd like to see there, and what type of art you really love!

You can visit the gallery and walk around with us, pointing out things that inspire you or send us images or your favourite works. We will then look through our extensive database and choose a selection of works we feel you will love and even a few we know you won't; just so we can make sure we are on the right track! These works will be delivered to you by one of our friendly art consultants who will discuss each piece with you and help place the work in various spots in your home. There is no pressure to purchase right away. We insist you try the work out for a few days and see what it is like in the space because different lighting can truly affect the colour and feel of a work!

We can also provide framing samples so you can perfectly match or complement the piece and your room! The frame of the painting below was chosen during a home consultation so that our client had the work and frame ready without having to travel back and forth to the gallery.

When you've chosen your work, we will professionally install it for you free of charge. If you have other paintings or framed photos in your home that you are looking to have hung, we can also install those works at a special fixed rate.

Why not start now by checking out our Pinterest board and our artists' gallery? You will find some links below to help guide you!


This gorgeous Vladan looks like it was painted for this space! The frame was chosen to complement the wood and metal trim from a side table that was also in the room.


If you are unsure how the size will work in your space, we can bring multiple pieces for you to try. This mixed media work by Emilija Pasagic looks great unframed and fits exactly how the client envisioned.

760e938cc5e3cb2fc0f6a4636c052f5e By getting a sense of your home and your style, we can suggest which painters' work would look best in your space. This commissioned piece by Bill Saunders adds to the stately ambience of this office.

For more images of our paintings in the home, visit our Pinterest board Art in Situ.

Some of our most popular artists include Maya Eventov, Mark Berens, Marie-Claude Boucher, Harold Braul, Alekandra, Michael Rozenvain and Elizabeth Lennie. Check out all of our artists here.

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Secluded Escape with Bill Saunders

We have a lovely new painting by Bill Saunders today! With lush foliage in a sunny secluded space, this looks like the perfect escape from all the cold winter weather!
Secluded Acrylic on Board 30x48"

Acrylic on Board

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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year's Eve!  We're looking forward to presenting some of the best Canadian art in the new year, and to helping find the perfect artwork just for you!

Happy New Year!

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Happy Monday! Easter and April Fool’s all rolled together!

Looks like mother nature was enjoying a little joke on us this morning with a burst of snow flurries! However, the sun is out and things are sure to warm up today so we hope you have a chance to enjoy the lovely weather.

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Happy Easter Sunday!

Whatever your traditions may be, we hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

Bill Saunders - Easter Blossoms

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Sunday with Bill Saunders

Those of you who came to our event on Friday have already gotten the first preview and seen Bill Saunders' newest works!  These pieces are stunning - with so much detail and attention to lighting and mood, you will be drawn right into these new scenes.  Come by the gallery today to warm with some amazing art and see these stunning new paintings in person!
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Weekend Wonderland

With the new snow heading our way this weekend, there will be plenty around to make lots of snowmen and make the toboggan hills nice and fast.  How are you spending your pre- New Years weekend?


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A Relaxing Soujourn

We've just received a beautiful new collection of works by Bill Saunders! His dreamy landscapes have such amazing detail - it's like you could walk right into them, and they look so peaceful you would definitely want to take a step inside and enjoy the countryside.
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