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Introducing Tim De Rose


This winter you will find his stunning and labour-intensive paintings featured in Arabella Magazine's Artists To Collect series and with a CV like his, we are surprised it hasn't been earlier! Check out his article February 2016! Until then, you can read about his amazing accomplishments in his bio here, or below. We can't wait to see the new work that will arrive over the next few months and invite you to meet Tim next year at our 17th Annual Evening With the Artists!


De Rose is influenced greatly by trees and forests, finding the setting to be intensely powerful. In exploring their quietness, he uses them as symbols of people and relationships. Deeply invested in the power of this subject matter, he comments on the open and unassuming way in which he approaches his work:

“I paint in a series with a style that is evolving all the time. I paint within that style until it lets me go. I don’t use any theories of colour, perspective or representative techniques for light and shade.”

Tim begins his process by photographing his arboreal subjects, looking for striking compositions and arrangements from which to base his painted works. From there, he begins drafting a complete line drawing to solidify his composition. To create depth with his medium, he adds as many as four layers of paint. Energetic textures and patterns begin to emerge by a meticulous etching and scraping away of these layers with a potter’s tool called a serrated kidney. In this part of his process, one can detect the essence of De Rose’s early roots in pottery surface.

Tim, in fact, began his successful arts career in the realm of pottery. As his skills in pottery grew, so did the range of projects he took on. These involved anything from hand building architectural sculpture, to ceramic wall panels. These clay canvases were etched, sculpted, and glazed in such a way that eventually they morphed into something approaching traditional paintings. In this way, one project leading to another, De Rose ultimately spent about thirty percent of the time painting. Around 1996, he came to realize how significantly painting was missing in his creative spectrum, and found that he enjoyed using the “different muscles of the process and the problem solving” that it involved. Tim affirms that he can’t say that he loves one art form more than the other, but has confirmed that after 45 years of pottery, he’s now determined to devote himself to painting full time.

Tim De Rose's work can be found in Kingston and at Crescent Hill Gallery in Mississauga.

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Fall Group Show Invite 2014Crescent Hill is thrilled to announce the first of three upcoming shows happening this fall and into the winter. Works for each show will only be posted online the day before the opening, so keep an eye out for your favourites. With new works from renowned artists such as Julia Klimova and Peter Panov, we guarantee these incredible pieces will not stay in the gallery long! RSVP to win a special gift selected by our Director! or email us at

Stay, Summer, Stay!

While we're rapidly nearing the end of the summer season, there is still time to enjoy this glorious weather! Get out there and play!
Marie-Claude Boucher Days of Summer Acrylic on Canvas 30x24"
Marie-Claude Boucher
Days of Summer
Acrylic on Canvas

New Artist: Roman Zuzuk!

Today we're featuring artwork by our newest artist - Roman Zuzuk! His sophisticated painting technique and his work in primitive abstraction was developed only through rigorous classical schooling. He graduated from the prestigious Kiev Academy of Fine Arts. His art is truly an amalgamation of everyday and the extraordinary which straddle the worlds of rural and urban, a sentimental past and hopeful future. But it is in his eclectic foray into the tension of accepting reality over the magnetic force of fantasy, and all that world has to offer, that Zuzuk’s work inspires man to dream.

New Artist Victor Tkachenko

We have a brand new artist at Crescent Hill Gallery!  With whimsical characters and style, Victor's work will add a wonderful sense of adventure and character to your home! Come and see these stunning pieces today!

A Beautiful Day for a Stroll

If you've been enjoying the sparkling frost on the ground in the morning lately, you'll love these new paintings by Mark Berens!  Bringing fantastic winter dreams to life, his paintings will add sparkle to your home.

New Artist! Bold and Brilliant Bergeron

We have a new artist at Crescent Hill Gallery!  Born in the Province of Quebec, Canada, Christian Bergeron is an artist painter with more than forty years of experience. His works are shown in the most beautiful private and corporate art collections in Canada, USA and Europe.
 In the past ten years, he has been developing and perfecting a modern (prismatic) style of his own. Known for the mastery of the spatula, his only tool, and for his bright colors and contrasts, he became an associate member of the Copley Society of Art in Boston in 2007 where he exhibits his works regularily.
Christian Bergeron is an artist in constant evolution inspired by his many travels around the world who masters the nuances and visual compositions like no other.

Off To the Races

We have an exciting new collection of paintings by Harold Braul today, featuring his Peleton series! If you are a cyclist, or know one, these pieces are the perfect addition to any art collection! Bring some excitement home with this stunning new work by Harold Braul.  

Introducing the landscapes of Robert LeClerc!

We are very pleased to introduce you to a new artist at Crescent Hill Gallery: Robert LeClerc!
Robert Leclerc was born in Montreal in 1958. Self-educated painter; singular in kind and of a great sensitivity. A lover of  life and nature. At a very young age he made caricatures and cartoons. You can find in his paintings a symbiosis of the two ingredients that characterizes him between his technique ans his spontaneity that makes him unique.
He will be able to make you feel his emotions for love,  joy, and peace.  Before creating a painting, he takes the time to relax by meditating, because for him, his spiritual life must be in the foreground to be able to transmit his message by means of his creation so that the person who has one of his paintings can be transported to another dimension where reigns the enchantment of the creative artist.