Maya Eventov’s Abstract Evolution

The mark of a great artist is their ability to take everything they have learned - the years of training, study, copying, sketching, understanding colour theory and design - only to set it aside to explore new ways to manipulate their medium. This is at once a giving up of control, and a knowledge that their instinct and understanding of their medium will guide creation.

  This idea of giving up control was something that could only come with age for Maya Eventov. Eventov began her studies at six years of age, with her education centering around artistic studies. Her training included studying at the prestigious High School #190, followed by a Master's Degree in graphic design. During this time, she did not focus on abstraction, rather she worked towards a complete control and mastery of her skill. When she created abstracted pieces, they were simply a tool towards developing her craft. She describes these abstracts as 'cold' and not having the connection to them that she does with her current work. This calculated control is exactly what Eventov needed to create her famous Birch Tree and Mediterranean paintings. Acrylics are a fast drying medium so placement of paint needs to be precise.

  Maya dabbled in vibrant abstracts in early 2013, creating three pieces for Crescent Hill Gallery. In 2013 she painted the piece below, which was featured in her Solo Show at the gallery in 2014. Maya was able to re-visit this piece at the show and it became a catalyst for an incredible series that represents one of our fastest growing collections.



"Abstract," 48x48", acrylic on canvas.

For Maya, the creation of her new abstract series comes from a place of maturity and learning to let go. To create these works, she relies not on her honed skills, but her intuition. Each work involves kinetic movement and elevated feelings where Eventov must rely on her senses. In these works, the colours come alive for Eventov and her senses become heightened. She instills a sense of trust in the painting, letting it lead her, rather than meticulously controlling the placement of the paint.  

Each painting takes her somewhere new. Slowly, this work has become a sort of exercise in mindfulness and an exploration into her subconscious. From this, Maya admits that something mysterious unfolded. Images began revealing themselves to her amid the abstraction, visions of faces and nudes. Eventov attributes these familiar forms to the many life drawing sessions and studies she did in her twenties. As if from muscle memory, reclining figures and alluring faces emerge from her signature washes and texture. To Eventov, it is a mysterious process wherein an ethereal creature, often a stranger, appears to her and allows her to sit back and wonder who they are.  


"Nude Portrait," 48x48", acrylic on canvas.

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