Decorative Objects & Vignettes

Decorative objects are another element to help define your own personal design. As we recommend with our artwork, buy what you love and you will be able to make it work in your home!
To create a more cohesive look, group objects together rather than individually. A vignette is a grouping of objects where they have something in common, such as colour, texture or theme.
We created a small vignette in the gallery, using artwork from our gallery and decorative objects from our neighbour in the Home & Design Centre, Hearth Manor.
We've placed different paintings with our vignette to show different possibilities, including some that may not work as well as others.
  Gorg, "Scorpio", 15.5x12.5", etching on paper. Remy, "Sybelle" 21.3", bronze sculpture.
Here is a framed Gorg etching in beige tones that adds warmth to the stark white walls. The metallic frame defines the painting from the walls and complements the metallic decorative objects in the vignette.
Miller, "Winters Approach", 30x40", mixed media on canvas.
This painting, although quite stunning on its own, isn't as successful in this setting as it doesn't have a frame to define the image from the walls and the proportions of the painting look awkward with the console table and the height of the statue.
  Tkachenko, "Masked", 20x24", mixed media on canvas.
A smaller horizontal painting in a frame fits better in this design and the dark frame adds depth to this space. The imagery of the woman in the painting complements the bronze sculpture.
Pasagic, "Untitled", 40x40", mixed media on canvas.
This vibrant painting adds lots of colour to this display! The larger square size of the painting creates a dramatic background for the neutral decorative objects on the table.
Ma, "Spring Glacier", 36x30", acrylic on canvas.
I have saved my favourite pairing for last! The size and the portrait-orientation of the painting are perfect over the table. The restrained palette in the painting adds just the right amount of colour to the design and the style of the artwork matches with the style of the furniture and decorative objects.
For more design tips, this is a great article: 10 Interior Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know from Fresh Home.

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